Language Course

ESL (Vocational English)

740 total clock hours, 32.5 semester credit hours

Content and Approach

Vocation English courses are front-loaded studies in which the student completes courses prior to the career-oriented vocational programs at this College.  Vocational English courses focus on the development of the communication and job search skills necessary for employment in the health care field in the United States.  Topics include health professions in the United States, career pathways, communication with patients and co-workers, health care systems, current critical health issues, and intercultural communication skills.

Participant will practice the skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  We will use activities based on day-to-day health care situations, readings related to health care and cases studies from different health professions.  The communicative approach of the courses is based on individual pair, and group task and projects.  Each class session will include problem-solving and critical thinking activities in which you will work both individually and collaborate with classmates.



Vocational English is a 40-week study made up of several courses in English for health professionals.  Participant will make progress toward the overall goal of Vocational English.  At the end of 40-week study, participant will have improved communications skills in English based on ones increased ability to

  • Use strategies and skills for pursuing career goals in health care and making informed career choices.

  • Communicate effectively and appropriately with patients and families in health care settings.

  • Communicate effectively and appropriate with other health care professional in health care settings.

  • Understand systems, requirements, and issues in health care in the United States and California.

  • Understand how cross-culture beliefs, traditions, and behaviors impact everyday communication in health care.

  • Use strategies and skills for exploring your own ongoing professional development beyond the current program.


Admissions Process

  • Inquiring applicant is scheduled to visit the school.

  • Inquiring applicant must have a personal interview with an admission representative.  During the interview, applicant is asked to provide TOEFL, TWE, or TOEIC score earned in the last 12-months.  Evaluating the effectiveness of the school's program and the impact of student workforce readiness, the test is given at the beginning and end of the program, the increase in test scores can show how much the program improved students' language skills.

  • While visiting the school, applicant receives a tour of the campus, completes an application & admissions representative explains the steps for enrollment requirements and receives an overview of the program.

  • Upon making formal application to school and meeting all of the document requirements, applicant will meet with financial officer to determine financial aide eligibility.

  • Applicant attends program orientation prior to first day of class.

English program offered by this college is a stand-alone program that is limited to persons already trained in occupations who would be employable if they could demonstrate adequate English language skills. Instruction is conducted primarily in English and includes a variety of teaching methods and materials.  Curricula include several levels of instruction, allowing for individual differences and needs.  Teaching method include reading comprehension, oral communication and writing skills. Students who complete the Vocational English program at ATI College will be able to use the English language effectively at work where English is the primary language. 


High School/College/University Diploma or Transcript

Classes are offered at the Los Angeles or Norwalk Campus.


Program Length: 12 months, Monday through Wednesday.


Tuition: $6,000.00 


Start Dates: 5/2/2016, 6/6/2016, 7/5/2016, 8/1/2016, 9/5/2016, 10/3/2016, 11/7/2016


ATI College is authorized under Federal law to admin non-immigrant alien students.

For more information regarding I-20 application process, go to International Students.


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